VIPP Communications

Welcome to VIPP Communications. We are your one-stop Public Relations, Marketing, Branding and Event Management firm. Our company was founded in 1998, after an overwhelming demand for our freelance services. We cater to every realm of business from professional athletes, entertainers to community and business leaders in their industry. VIPP stand for “Visualizing into People’s Personality” and it’s pronounced V-I-P because our clients always get the V.I.P. treatment when we work on their project. Our dedication, experience, hard work and innovation is why clients enjoy our services. Sherlene Shanklin started this firm with giving back in mind. VIPP helps groups needing assistance with planning and receiving media coverage. Many had no idea where to begin and Shanklin came in and helped develop a plan which many today still use her services and techniques she taught them. The symbol we use is a circle meaning that that its never ending, continuous, and everlasting. We are what you call a timeless team of communication professionals working to shape your business to have longevity and prosperity. If you would like to speak to one of the members of “Team VIPP” contact us at

mail@vippcommunications.com | Follow us on Twitter @VIPPComm and Instagram @vippcommunications.